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Synergy Science

Add Smart Antioxidants to Your Water

Synergy Science Echo Water® Machines were created to generate Antioxidant Water™ — a drinkable health solution. Simply put, Antioxidant Water™ is crisp tasting water with tiny bubbles of hydrogen gas. Water like this has been proven by over 1,000 scientific studies to give your body more than 40 health benefits, including improved gut health, cognitive function, and energy. It also helps protect your body from developing diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

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Primal Kitchen

Primal Kitchen are our go-to condiments. They are avocado oil based with organic, high-quality ingredients. Finding condiments without processed vegetable oils before Primal Kitchen was near impossible. Finally, there is a brand we can trust without having to scan the ingredient list.


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The Daily Tonic is a two to five minute read sharing science backed health news and tips, all while getting you to crack a smile or even lol on occasion. 

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