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What We Offer


Apogee Chiropractic and Kinesiology strives to provide the highest standard of care in functional medicine. We work to not only identify your problem or pain, but find the root of it for overall healing. Our practice uses a Bio-System Integration approach, and treatment can include chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, supplements and more. Our mission is to assist you in your health journey and strive to help you rise to your best and most efficient self. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What types of health insurance do you accept?

Apogee Chiropractic currently does not accept insurance; however, we do accept HSA’s and FSA’s. Other acceptable forms of payment are credit, debit, cash, and Venmo. We can provide a Superbill, upon request, for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. We cannot guarantee the payment from your insurance, as reimbursement policies vary from company to company, and policy to policy. Thank you for your understanding!


What is your new patient procedure?

The new patient procedure at Apogee Chiropractic involves doctor review of intake paperwork, a subjective case history, where the doctor listens to your input and description of your areas of chief complaint. Afterward, a physical assessment and diagnosis occur, including demonstration and explanation of findings. Treatment begins on your first visit, unless contraindications are present or additional assessment is required for your, and our, safety. New patient exams are scheduled for 45 minutes. To get scheduled, text or call (913) 303-8727 and we will get you booked and email our intake paperwork, for completion prior to your first visit. 


Do I need a doctors referal? 

Chiropractors are Portal-of-Entry providers, which means a referral from your medical doctor is not required to schedule and appointment and receive treatments. Apogee Chiropractic will gladly accept referrals from other practitioners and doctors, as well as issue referrals, when appropriate, to promote your best health and wellness care!


What does a typical treatment plan look like?

A typical treatment plan is hard to quantify, as every individual is different. At Apogee Chiropractic we tailor our treatment plans to each individual. The new patient exam visit is typically 45 minutes in length, and follow-up visits are 20 minutes. This is longer than typical chiropractic adjustments alone, however we believe in treating the entire body, to get you better faster, and in fewer visits overall!

We are so excited to help our community ascend to the Apogee of Wellness! Apogee is the highest point of development, and that is what we are working towards as we work with you, the highest point of your wellness development!

Dr. Chris George and Dr. Emilea Finley 

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