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Client Testimonies

Check out what our clients have to say!

Check out a few of the patient reviews after they have received treatment from either Dr. Emilea, Dr. Chris, or a combination of the two! We will continue to post success stories and reviews of our business here on this page. 




”While the headaches and migraines were a major part of my recovery, Dr. Emilea was also able to address my other issues, which in turn contributed to whole body wellness. I have newfound energy and haven’t felt this good in years.”



“I was struggling to see improvement until I started to see Dr. Finley and Dr. George. Through their treatment and advice I have seen improvements that I thought I would never see. The last race I ran, I lowered my average pace per mile by 20 seconds. I wholeheartedly believe that their team approach to address my struggles and goals has been the greatest contribution to the success that I am finally seeing.”






I started working with Dr. Emilea, at Apogee Chiropractic, while training for a half marathon.  I experienced muscle spasms, inability to take a full breath and regulate my breathing, poor circulation, and significant back and hip pain.  In addition, my daily life consisted of congestion, stomach pain and bloating, chronic fatigue, brain fog, and heartburn. 


I ate strict diets in the past eliminating gluten, grains, sugar, processed oils and dairy, which worked exceptionally well for me - until it didn’t.  By the time I found myself in Dr. Emilea’s office, my diet alone would not alleviate my symptoms. 


Under her protocol, my stomach pain went away in 4 weeks.  In 6 weeks, my lymphatic system started to drain properly, eradicating several symptoms.  I also spent time with Dr. Chris who significantly improved my structure.  Within 15 weeks, I successfully ran a half marathon. 


“When I would start runs, my knee would pop and I would have constant pain. I would just say, ‘I was getting older. Now, I have no pains when I run. My neck does not hurt and I do not need to pop my hips. I have more energy and sleep better. She has made a huge difference in my life.“

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